Swimming Pool Services Marketing: Pooling The Efficient Marketing Ideas That Will Change Your Business

Having your swimming pool is the epitome of relaxation and having fun activities especially during summer. A swimming pool can make possible to host exciting pool parties, to adopt an invigorated fitness routine and having a chillax break lounging near poolside to get a perfect tan on your weekends. But, while enjoying the benefits of having a pool in the backyard, most of the pool owners forget one crucial element of owning a pool. That essential element is cleaning and maintenance. A pool requires having regular maintenance and cleaning to save it from succumbing to various pool sanitation issues such as algal build up, broken filters, green water, etc.

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Having a swimming pool service business and running it successfully is quite a tough task to comprehend as there is a lot of competition on the market. A huge number of swimming pool cleaning services are offering efficient services and exciting discount on their services, eventually making the market massively competitive. To jumpstart your pool cleaning business, you need to have to focus more on the new and modern ideas rather venturing into the traditional ones. A sound and efficient marketing strategy will ensure the good number of clients will come knocking your door and make your business grow exponentially. Go through these tried and tested marketing ideas to kick start your swimming pool services business.

Send Postcard

Though, in this article we are not much focusing on the traditional ways of marketing your business, sending marketing material through postcards is still quite an effective method of marketing. Your company relies on a unique set of people who own swimming pools. So narrowing your marketing strategy to target that particular set of individuals can be fruitful. To start, first, fine tune your mailing list. If you do not have a mailing list, buy it online or locally. Gather the contact details of the customers in your locality who own swimming pools in their backyard. After successfully optimizing this mailing list hire someone to distribute these postcards or flyers to these homeowners to grab their attention.
Put an exciting and attention grabbing headline related to the offers and discounts you are giving to your customers to induce the interest of the people who are reading these postcards. Let them know about your unique expertise and why your company is better than your competitors.

Google Places

Swimming pool cleaning services is a local business which obviously has a significant number of local clients. To help the interested and potential customer of your company to reach out to your business, Google Places can prove to be a great tool. Google Places will help your business to showcase itself as the leading business in your local niche. With the support of this tool, you can list up your business with your physical address. This address will appear in the local Google map. So, whenever the customers search for a particular service business in your particular area, name and contact details of your business will appear in the search list. Listing up your business in Google Places will provide you with the excellent ROI.

Professional Image

Advertising is the subset of your whole marketing plan. Even the professional image of your company and the brand plays a vital role in the marketing of your business. Also, the appearance of your crew, cleaning materials, and the transporting vehicle also has a part in the overall marketing of your business.
● The appearance of the team should be decent. They should be punctual and humble enough to serve the clients on given time efficiently.
● The crew should have proper uniforms with the noticeable company logo and name on those uniforms.
● The condition of the company vehicle, marketing material, and the cleaning tool should be in excellent working condition.
● The vehicle can be used for the advertisement. Put the company logo and contact details on the vehicle.

Create A Website

A fundamental question must have appeared in your mind, as ‘I am just a small service businessman. Why should I need a website?’ The answer is simple. The website is the modern marketing tool of the today’s era. The site will help you to appear as a professional and bigger. A website is like your online brochure which is more attractive and attention grabbing. You can list up your expertise and the company details on your website to assure your potential customers to have trust in the legitimacy of your services. Add various discounts and offers you are providing your clients to let them add this cost-effectiveness as your plus point while comparing you with other rival businesses.
You can also create an attractive referral program to help your happy customers to help you to grow your business in a short amount time. List up the testimonials of your satisfied clients with the images of their thoroughly cleaned pool by your staff to strengthen the trust of your readers in your business.

Social Media

We are living in a world of smartphones and at the time of the fastest technological advance. When a large number of potential customers are using social media websites for an enormous amount of time every day, we cannot ignore to explore the option of social media marketing. You can use Facebook and Twitter to post a huge amount of compelling marketing content every day. You can post videos your staff is doing various tasks of pool cleaning services. Also, share different tips and ideas which are useful for pool safety and to increase the life of the instruments used for pool cleaning. Give the highlight of new products in the market which are cost efficient and less time consuming.

Referral & Discounts

A good amount of new leads come from the referrals. Be proactive and ask your clients to refer your services to their neighbors, friends, and relatives. Having a mutually useful referral program can provide an excellent chance to expand your business quickly. Ask them for the referrals in exchange for some discounts on your future services.
Keeping an eye on these trends and employing them to your swimming pool service business will help you to escalate the number of business leads in a short span of time. Incorporate this strategy in your marketing plan to make it comprehensive. Such a wholesome marketing plan will benefit your small scale business to evolve into a successfully run business model in the community.

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