Real Estate Marketing Techniques: The Real Business Marketing Guide

A home is a lot more than a just a structure made up of a roof and four walls. A home is a place where a family, relationships, and happiness thrive! The Home is valuable from an emotional as well as an economic perspective. Venturing into a real estate transaction by either buying or selling is not everyone’s cup of tea. One needs to have sufficient market experience and a very practical business approach while negotiating such complex transactions.

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Experience the rock bottom in 2012, the market for real estate is steadily increasing, which eventually lead to the massive escalation in market competition too. To kick start your Real Services Business Marketing, you need to encompass effective online and offline marketing skills. To be successful and stand out from the fierce market competition, one needs to integrate fresh and creative business strategies. Go through this thoroughly compiled a list of solid real estate services marketing advice to generate a bulk of business leads quickly.

Find Your Niche

It is observed that after starting up, many realtors hastily venture into the business without determining the target segment. Such companies deplete their resources and waste their efforts without generating sufficient business leads. To avoid this common mistake, take a moment to have an extensive market research to identify your niche market. To do so, you need to understand the general type of clients and the usual list of their requirements to be focused primarily. Concentrate on the target demographics only and pool your resources and efforts to generate leads from that direction. For example, if your locality has a large number of residential areas, then you can divert your marketing strategy which will be more convincing to a regular family guy. But if you are targeting the house owners or office units, then you need to incorporate different module of marketing strategy.

Traditional Marketing Ideas

Real estate business is actually local in the sense as you are limited to the particular physical location. You will be dealing with the people in your neighborhood who are buying or selling properties. If you’re starting a new business, you need to focus on strengthening your brand. You can follow these smart ideas for brand building in your locality.
● Print attractive marketing material such as flyers, business card, and postcards and distribute them in your area.
● Putting ads in the newspaper and local magazines is a great marketing technique with high ROI.
● Create an interactive newsletter with all the necessary information about your business, the local news related to real estates, tips about real estate, etc. These newsletters will keep your old clients engaged in your business.
● Though telemarketing is an aggressive way of marketing, the cold calls are a great source of getting a new customer.
● Use MLS (Multiple Listing Service) to gain a broad range of information and professional connections in the realtor community. This information can be used to generate new business leads.
You can add your contact details in online web directories like Yellow pages. A large number of buyers prefer web directories for real estate services.

Email Newsletter

You can increase the traffic to your website with techniques such as ‘Email Blast.’ Gather the email ids of your old clients as well as potential customers and start an email campaign to share your services details and newsletter. Using GIF images in your emails makes it more lively and easy to remember. Encourage your customers to share your emails and spread the word.
If you are tapping the power of visual media such as video messages, then make them more personalized in a manner that customer should get a sense of an exclusive service from your company just for themselves.

Professional Networking

When you are in a business which is closely associated with other companies in the housing sector, professional networking can do wonders for you and your partners. Host a broker event and invite people across the spectrum of your industry, create new professional connections for mutual growth.
Don’t miss out any great Meetups or professional meetings in your locality. Meetings in commercial complexes and residential community meetings bring numbers of people together with shared interests. Create your group or join any influential group to get access to the huge chunk of potential customers.

Google My Business

With the help of the Google, you can boost your customer base and rank up high in Google search list. List up your business in ‘Google My Business’ if you have a physical location where customers can visit. When the clients search on Google for the real estate services in your area, the name of your business, your website and the physical location on the map will be listed.

Create A Website

The website provides an excellent forum to bring your potential clients together at one place and showcase the valuable information related to your business. Invest on the SEO and create the properly optimized website content for search engines. The site will help the customers to get aware of your business and the services you provide. You can include the following things in your site,
● Basic information about the company
● The services you provide and your expertise in any particular service
● Digital portfolios of different houses with the price rates
● Customer reviews
● Contact details
● Referral programme
You can consider the Pay Per Click campaign to raise traffic on the website.You can add various tools on your site to calculate EMI, selecting apt locality, etc.


Blogging is the best method ever to begin a dialogue with your potential customer base, social media visibility and for a better ranks listings in Google. You can interact and have a conversation with your readers and guide them with all the necessary information one needs to have while buying or selling a real estate property. In your blog, you can post the digital portfolios on any new property which is on sale with all the necessary information such as ‘The Area’ and the price rate. You can also post about the recent trends and discoveries in the real estate sector to educate your clients. Create a follow button on your website where consumers can easily subscribe and share the information.

Social Media Advertising

Social media channels are amazing when it comes to bringing the customer’s exposure towards your business. Be it Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you can share your marketing material instantly in a cost-effective way. Day by day the reach of social media sites is increasing in multi-fold, allowing a large number people to gain access to thousands of products. Thanks to popularity, we can stand at the center of an extensive network of buyers and sellers and the help buyers to buy and sellers to sell without any hassle.
Facebook can be used to popularize your blog as well as website and direct the traffic towards your business. Instagram’s is built up only to share visual media posts where you can post the digital portfolios with various photos of different properties that you need to sell for the sellers. You can create interesting hashtags on Twitter and make them famous in a way people who are interested in availing your real estate services will search for these hashtags and get benefited.


Following up after having a proper sell proves beneficial in building the trust and integrity for your business. It shows that you don’t adjust for the inferior quality of service and want to learn more towards perfection. Give a personal call to your clients after a sell and ask for their review to improve services. This also helps to get more referrals from your satisfied customers.

Keep an eye on the above-, mentioned marketing ideas. These ideas are instrumental in bringing new clients as well as retaining the old ones. Incorporating them into your final marketing plan will bring a huge number of customers to knock your door to avail your estate services.

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