Online Marketplace: Discovering Yourself In A New Digital Era

Gone are the days of exhausting door to door product selling and tiresomely waiting for the customers to show up at your door. The digitalization has revolutionized the concept of communication, both quantitatively and qualitatively. We are witnessing the era of digitalization which has the potential to unearth even the smallest businesses and help them to reach out to the massive audience with minimal efforts. The cost-effective and easy to handle techniques have paved the way for the smaller businesses to emerge with a tangible force against the powerful big businesses on equal footing.

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If you leave a flyer or a leaflet on people’s doors, how many are going to respond and share your message with others? There are huge chances that this flyer is going to end up in their dustbin soon enough. Whereas, if you post this flyer on your social media channel with a discount code, it will bring miraculous results instantly. In short, with a growing surge in digitalization, a strong online presence is imperative to grow your business exponentially in a short period.

How The Online Presence Of Your Business Can Make A Difference?

Either for outbound or inbound marketing, online marketplaces are marking its enormous impact on the untapped market. Here are the dexterous qualities of online marketplaces,
Accessibility: As we know, the internet never sleeps, so does your online presence! Your potential customers have the accessibility to your online data 24×7 which capture the moment of their attention and interest instantaneously.
Boosting your brand: Online marketplaces provide an extensive, comprehensive network of data to your customers. It allows customers to go beyond the product-specific information and check out your company brand, original website, online reviews and other products.
Business reach: A company’s online presence bears the potential to bloom from local to global level. Rather relying on face-to-face interactions, you can reach to a greater audience within a short span of time at minimal cost.
Online reviews: The mouth publicity of your old customers has the limited scope, which is mostly around their friends, neighbors, and relatives. Whereas, the grasp of a single online review is boundless which has the capability to attract an untapped customer base.
Measure ROI: With the digital channels, understanding your ROI and narrowing your focus of marketing on the most profitable channel is effortless.

Web Directories: The Effective Way Of Marking Your Digital Identity

As per Google, 97% of people use the internet to search the local businesses with an intent to purchase. It saves a lot of time and efforts of flipping through hundreds of pages of the phone book. Hitting the simple keywords in web directories can connect your clients to your business within a blink of an eye! Web directories like Gold Book or Yellow Pages not only guide the highly targeted customers towards you but also helps your website to rank higher in the Google search list for specific terms. Listing your business on web directories will create inbound links to your business which will eventually generate a steady traffic on your website.
You can list your business on Google My Business, only if you have the physical location where customers can visit. It lists up with your brand name, address, and phone number details, business categories and chains. Most importantly, your company will be listed on Google maps with directions to give a perfect idea of your location to the interested clients.

White-pages: A Complete Company Profile

White-pages gives access to the online database of information regarding the people and businesses. It includes an enormous amount of contact details of people, company reviews, company strength, contact details, reports, company ratings, office galleries, and many other aspects of any listed business.

Website: A Virtual Company Headquarters

The website opens a large array of possibilities to engage broad customer base before the ink is dry! Specifically for small business the importance of having an own website is ineffable. Your website holds the front line for the different marketing strategies incorporated into your marketing plan. Be it a company logo, product or service information, price listing, offers and discounts, user testimonials, engulfing photos of company or products, terms and conditions and many other things, your website acts as a perfect ensemble for your business. The website is not just a conveyer of information like web directories; it is much more than that. It gives you the opportunity to turn a prospect into a conversion by making your customers understand your business and products more thoroughly.
Website is a cost-effective marketing tool and can be accessible anytime around the clock! Web sites are more convenient and made with the motive of easing the hefty process of business processing. As we are already familiar with e-commerce sites like ‘Amazon’ and ‘ebay,’ we know that buying any product at any time of the day is handier than buying the same product in a brick and mortar store. If you are beginning from scratch, then you should put a decent investment for the creation of a good website.

Blogs: Architects Of The Trust

Blogging is one of the most effective tools used on the Internet. With its conversational stance, it has brought a significant change between the interaction of businesses and their potential clients. With blogging, you can put your products and services in a positive light which will prove beneficial to enhance your inbound marketing efforts. Blogging is an economically efficient method to drive a good number of traffic to your parent website.
A business blog usually contains detailed information about their products and services, interesting factual information, current trends & news in the field, customer success stories, posting opinions, infographic, videos, podcasts, etc. Blogging assists in positioning yourself as a knowledgeable, well-versed, trustworthy industry leader. Blogs also help your website with Search Engine Optimization. A smart list of Google keywords in your recent blog post has the strength to boost your website higher in the Google search list.

Social Media: The Revolution Of Conversation

Social media sites received the tremendous popularity within a short period as it forged the virtual existence for every other person or business. The Social Media is instrumental in bringing everybody together on a single forum from every corner of the world. When it comes to the social media marketing of a particular business, it has proved its worth by obtaining a very high lead-to-close-rate than outbound marketing. Social Media channels like Facebook, Twitter Instagram, etc. are becoming the hidden bazaars with the untapped chunk of new customers every day. In a very short period, social media channels have bridged gaps between consumers and producers.
With over 700 million active users, social media giant like Facebook has the capability to grasp the huge market. With its user-friendly module, having a conversation with customers and getting their feedback is relatively easy. On the other hand, Twitter helps you to have a real customer engagement and increase brand awareness at the drop of a hat! Posting in your blog title and it’s link and the coupon codes or interactive offers on Twitter’s conveys your message to the exact point. The social media platform like Instagram soothes the visual craving of users. Using Instagram sharing the photos or videos related to your business and products is feasible. The visual marketing is the blooming tool of the new digital era where that thousand words conveying ‘picture’ is brought to life!

Search Engine Optimization: Picking With The Looking Glass

Be it a content of a website, blog or your social media posts, without the exact right keywords, your business might go high & dry! A study denotes, about 87% of people prefer the search engines for a product, service or company before making a purchase. A good SEO work makes a difference between a profoundly visited website and just another digitally dead website. An SEO crawls through the amorphous architecture of words to extract the exact equation for content development for your website.

With the large dependence on technologies, the ever rising digitalization of businesses is imminent. The Online Marketplaces have changed the whole marketing landscape. It had opened new avenues marketers who either did not exist before or were too complicated. Online Marketing is truly our present grand reality which has made us understand the truest definition of ‘Being Global!’

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