Limousine Service Marketing: Chauffeur Your Business To Excellence

A limousine is the pinnacle of all the luxury cars. They can be very pricey investments. How initially, it could be afforded by people of a rich and famous class, but lately, Limousines have become more of a trend to celebrate a special event. It provides an outstanding and novel experience for a special group of friends or family members. It allows you to have only the finest of features put in a vehicle like cocktail bars, laser displays, DVD players and LCD screen and the state of the art entertainment features to keep your special guests engaged. It is one of the best ways to add mystique and a touch of class to their extra special event.

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As a Limousine Service provider, you need to meet the needs of the customers and build strong working relationships with them. Usually, the small limousine Service providers fail to prioritize the comprehensive marketing plan which includes the excellent blend of traditional as well as digital marketing strategies. In such cases, over the time these companies lose their charm and business to the modern and alert competitors. In this article, we will provide you the practical modern-day marketing strategy to sail through with flying colors!

Understand Your Strengths

Most of the Limousine Service providers follow the traditional marketing initiatives such as sending promotional content in bulk and wait for the customers to respond to them. Before venturing into the Limousine Service business, one needs to understand his/her strengths and devise a foolproof mission statement. So, take the first step and ask yourself the following questions,
What is the best unique things about your business?
Why should people prefer your services above others?
The answers to the above questions are your strengths and selling points. Your strengths will help you to understand your reach and to carve a comprehensive marketing strategy for your business. Your strengths are related to your rates, offers, location, responsiveness, professional attitude, the standard of services, etc. These strengths will help you to emerge as a unique brand among your market competition.

Identify Target Market

It is imperative to understand which type of customers you are going to serve. Identifying the target market will prove beneficial to narrow your focus for the particular market segments. The people who appreciate and value your strength and unique features are your most loyal customers.
So, if we segment the market by current data, then, we can come with the following types of customers.
• Airport Transfers
• Weddings
• Parties, Night-on-the-Towns
• Private school students or elderly transport
• Sightseeing

Build An Identity

Catering to the upper-class clients who are looking for impeccable high-end services is not an easy task. The quality of your professional service will certainly aid to spread brand awareness. Here are some tips to devise a client oriented quality service,
• Every limousine service should have a proper license number. An appropriate license will pose the legality of your business and assure customers for an excellent service.
• Provide a 24×7 assistance for your customers. Especially, the airport transfers will favor your company for good availability.
• The cars should be in spotless and in an excellent working condition. Service your cars regularly to avoid any unwanted issues during the job.
• The Chauffeur should be well dressed and well groomed. The chauffeurs should be experienced professionals who are good at driving and being calm in stressful situations.
• Have a proper plan to handle the last minute changes in time schedules and itinerary. You should be ready to tackle the multiple calls and keep up with the required schedule.
• Personal Touch: Give a personal call to the client after booking. Create a proper system of reminder calls and send thank you notes after your services are rendered.

Marketing Based On Seasons

If you are targeting the customers who require Limousine services for wedding, homecoming or prom, then you can rule out the unique marketing strategy for such clients.
• Homecoming or Prom season: During the season of prom or homecoming, you can stack your business brochures or business cards on school/college bulletin boards. With the permission of school authorities, you can visit schools and take on the spot reservations. To target the teen client market, you can reach out to them with television commercials, radio advertisements, social media posts, etc.
• Weddings: You can distribute brochures in bridal boutiques, cake shops, banquet hall’s office, beauty salons, local florist shops, bridal jewelry shops, etc.

Professional Networking

Building a professional network will open the doors to the new avenues and increase the sell multi-fold. So an extensive market research to find out which local businesses are catering to the clients who need Limousine services.
• Hotels: While checking out of the hotel or for sightseeing, many people take the suggestion of concierge for the readily available Limousine services. Networking concierge can help you to get such clients. You can also suggest these particular hotels to the customers who are availing your airport transfers.
• Travel Websites: The travel websites are the another excellent source of customers. They can include your services to the visiting travelers in their traveling package.
• Wedding planners: You can be a part of a wholesome wedding package and transform every newly married couple into your customers.

Airport Transfers

A large number of clients arrive at your local airport every day. Lots of them want to avoid the massive queues for taxis and require a quick service. Using various traditional or digital channels available on the local airport, you can generate more business leads.
Create a Website
It is no-brainer that the number of people reaching out your business through the digital media channels is increasing every day. An interactive, user-friendly website can generate a good flow of customers on a steady basis. On your website, you can work on the following content
• Detailed information of your car service company, the license, organizational memberships, accolades, etc.
• Provide a complete profile for every car with all the technical details.
• Detailed information about your packages and rate card.
• A gallery of vivid images of your cars with chauffeurs
• Profile of your highly experienced chauffeurs
• Client testimonials.
• Online Booking system: An online booking system will save your efforts and money by putting the task of receiving reservations on your computer. It is cost-effective, client-friendly and minimizes your workload. Leave the tedious task of adding discount coupon codes and offers to the computer.

Create A Blog

Blogging proves useful to reach to the clients, build customer loyalty, get feedbacks and have a steady flow of business leads. The readers of your blog are mostly the clients who have visited your website earlier. You can answer their queries and provide the required information. Your Blog will build a rapport with your clients and boost your brand integrity. The blog will strengthen your online credibility and position yourself as the leading Limousine service provider in the region.
Social Media Marketing
It is observed that Social Media Campaigns raise more business leads than the traditional campaigns. The prospect of social media marketing is on the rise. Be one step ahead of your competitors with smart use of your social media channels for marketing. You can post your blog post links on social media channels like Facebook & Twitter. Engaging the potential clientele with exotic images of your car on Instagram can achieve a significantly larger amount of visitors to your websites. You can also use to spread the word about your exciting offers and discounts on social media channels more quickly.

Offers And Incentives

Old or new, your every customer will appreciate if he/she is rewarded with the lucrative discounts. Offering an excellent bonus with great discounts will attract new customers and compel your old customers to stay with you. You can provide free rides or percentage discounts for first rides. For former clients, you can start a loyalty program where they can receive exclusive bonus services and discounts for every successful referral. You can also use your social media channels to create online contests to increase the potential client engagement towards your services.

These innovative marketing techniques will act as guiding principles for your limousine services business. Using these marketing techniques, you can transform your business into a steady profit making business corporation in no time.

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