Janitorial Services : Marketing Your Spotless Business.

Who doesn’t like a clean and tidy environment? A dirty, dingy and outdated workplace A clean and tidy workplace creates a pleasant and calming surroundings. Working in a nice environment has a tremendous effect on the productivity and efficiency of work. A well presented, clean office gives a strong and attractive first impression to those who visit. On the other hand, cleanliness affects the good hygiene levels of the workplace as well as the working employees.

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Being in a Janitorial Service Business requires being differential in a crowded market. To stand out in a heavily competitive market, you need to give more emphasis on making your services more unique and qualitative. Start assessing the other businesses competing with you and understand their marketing tactics, which unique services they are catering to their clients and what are their offers and incentives. Janitorial Services are quite different than the usual cleaning services, as they include a variety of various small services such as floor care, window care, carpet care, ceiling care, bathroom care, furniture care, etc. An excellent blend of experience & competent working staff and a comprehensive marketing plan can help you to make new clients knocking your door frequently. Here are few tried and tested janitorial services marketing ideas which can boom your janitorial services business exponentially.

Define Target Market

Many people in business do not give emphasis on the proper efforts for defining the mission statement and having an extensive market research which eventually makes them lose the sight of their goals. So, before venturing into the business without a thought, take a break and plan your action based on the market research. Create a list of your potential clients in your locality who might be in need of a janitorial service. Understand what your customers are usually looking for a standard janitorial service from their perspective.
Many times, businesses waste their time, efforts and resources by targeting the wrong customers who are not looking for their services. So rather, knocking every door literally, pick a niche to narrow your focus of marketing and resources. You can generate new business leads from the big commercial or residential buildings such as, companies, offices, churches, schools, restrooms, etc. Once you get your business growing, you can expand your client reach to target new customers.

Cold Calling

The cold calls are introductory calls, where you call a potential customer and introduce your business, expertise, services and incentives. Create a spreadsheet with names, phone numbers, addresses & email ids of your prospects. You can get this information on the website of most of the businesses. If you are looking to provide your janitorial services to the whole commercial buildings than providing them to the individual offices, then gather the contact details of the building management and have a word with them about your business.
Timing is the ace in the hole. Understand and decide the proper time-frame of calling such offices. Prepare a good sales pitch for your first call, as it’s the first impression of your brand!

Marketing Material 

The marketing material pays dearly. Include your logo, brand name and contact details in your marketing material that you are going to distribute. Use your marketing material such as business cards, postcards, brochures, flyers, car magnets, T-shirts, etc. to increase brand awareness and make your business the talk of the town! There are many other avenues which advertise the quality and reliability of your services, such as,
● New and efficiently working cleaning tools and machines
● Janitorial services staff with a proper uniform with company logo and contact no.
● Provide the professional cleaning and maintenance training for your crew
● The team should be punctual and humble in nature.
● A service vehicle with logo and contact details printed.
● A quick and disciplined system of actions for every function to minimize the time taken to complete the cleaning.

Web Directories

The web directory is one of the best tools to put your business on the path of clients looking for janitorial services. Web directories are the best source of inbound, one-way links and they also help to increase search engine rankings. Web directories like Gold Book or Yellow Pages, direct the highly targeted clients directly to your website and introduce your business to them.
You can also go for ‘Google My Business,’ if you have a physical location for customers to visit. Google My Business lists up your business name, brand, contact number, address, etc. and lists it up on ‘Google Maps.’

Email Marketing

Direct Mail Marketing is one of the cheapest and with huge ROI. After determining your niche market and geographical reach, compile a list of potential clients. Establish your budget and determine how much of your resources you are going to direct for Email marketing. A smart and efficient email marketing will generate a good and steady amount of business leads.

Create A Website

Having your website can ease up your marketing budget in huge numbers. A website is an instant, easy-to-access and cost-effective marketing tool. In the era of digitalization, the importance of having a business website is immense. Google says, around 97% of people search online when they are looking for a particular product or services. Your website should include,
● A complete business profile of your company
● An attractive logo with correctly put contact details.
● A complete list of your services
● A gallery of pictures of your staff providing different janitorial functions
● Testimonials from your satisfied customers
● Attractive discounts and referral offers.

Blogging & Social Media Marketing

To educate your clients with every small detail about the janitorial services sectors and your company, your blog plays a critical role. In your blog, you can guide your readers with various information about cleaning, tips about self-cleaning, small tactics to increase the lifespan of your furniture, floor, etc. You can also speak about new cleaning tools in the market and any other new happenings in the janitorial services sector. Your blog will help you to showcase yourself as a leading expert on the matter, and it will help you to build trust and integrity in the client’s mind.
The reach of social media channel is increasing every coming day, which covers an enormous untapped market. You can share client testimonials, photos, videos, new discount offers, blog posts, etc. on these social media channels. You social media channels will provide you with the number of opportunities to have direct conversations with the readers which eventually boosts the relationship building. These channels encourage the active customer engagement to improve the reputation of your services in the market.


Help your satisfied customers to help you to grow the business. With referrals, a happy and satisfied customer advocate your services to a potential client. The new customers who come knocking your door due to a referral from old clients, already possess some level of trust in your business with a positive outlook.
The referral system benefits you as well as your old customers. You can offer discounts or free services for every successful referral. So, use the compelling testimony of your satisfied customers and grow mutually.

Follow Up

After providing your service, give a follow-up call to receive the feedbacks from your customers about the quality of services, your staff, and other issues. The follow-ups provide the sense of personal attention and appreciations to customers, which acts as a crucial factor in boosting relationship building with customers. They also help you to know more about your own business to make it better.

What different can you do to make your business grow steadily? Just fulfilling the present needs is not enough. Aim to be the next! Focus your current marketing strategy to aid your business tomorrow. Try to communicate more and more with a variety of customers and build healthy business relationships. Focus on the process of business and work towards making it more personalized. The marketing ideas as mentioned above provides you in spreading your name around to drive a sustainable business.

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