Financial Services Marketing: 8 Creative Ideas You Can’t Afford To Miss

In simple terms, the financial advisor is someone who provides financial advice and guidance to customers. Financial advisor caters to many services such as income tax preparation, estate planning, and investment management. The term Financial Advisor has the broadest reach as many professional stockbrokers, financial planners, investment managers, insurance agents & tax preparers also fall into this category. The daily schedule of financial advisor includes prospecting trends and plans, servicing clients with data and thorough financial planning. Mostly, financial advisors provide their services in a particular niche. Some venture as financial counselor whereas some work as an investment advisor. Few financial advisors offer their advisory services to individuals, and few experienced consultants work for corporations.

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Nobody can deny the fact that money and personal savings are one of the most important things in life. Everybody wants to ensure their finances are in trusted hands. It is observed that most of the people or corporate companies prefer financial advisory services from the experienced and legitimate advisors. A financial advisor carrying the ‘Series 65’ license has, the more chances to convince clients and generate business leads quickly. But having certificates and the ability to perform qualitative work is not enough. One needs to have a comprehensive marketing plan to ensure people about the future benefits of your advisory services. Here are a few creative ideas to enhance your ability to market yourself.

Use Your Financial Speech To Attract Clients

Nobody wants to look unknowledgeable! But it is the fact that, information related to the finances and investment will have certain basic economic terms which need to be explained. Your website and marketing material content should be reader-friendly and understandable. Also, the discussion and financial advice you will give to your clients should be well explained in layman terms. It is not the place to flaunt your knowledge, or else it will alienate your customers, and you will end up in losing a potential business lead even after a great effort.
Money is dear to all, and so are the financial talks! While discussing with clients, try to make an emotional connection with them to build trust about the quality of your services. Be ready to explain and answer them thoroughly. Having a clear and healthy discussion with your clients connects them with you on the personal level.

Organize Events And Seminars

Using short advertisements and original website content you can surely attract clients, but you need to have a face to face interaction with your potential customers turn a prospect into conversion. Use the power of your oratory skills and knowledge to convince your clients. You can arrange events and seminars at your workplace to provide free financial insights and knowledge about current trends in the investment and financial sector. You can use the internet to give webinars online.

Visit Places For Networking

It is observed that the businessman who zeroes their niche to target specific clients with customer-oriented marketing strategy to generate more business leads on a steady basis. Visit small businesses, private community clubs, medical professionals, corporate offices to offer your services. These favorite segments of the clientele are usually in need of the financial advisory service.
You can team up with law firms and provide your services and knowledge to their various clients such as couples undergoing a divorce. You can build your image as a certified divorce planner.

Email Marketing

Email is one of the most personal channels to connect with your clients. As per the Direct Market Association (DMA), the return on email marketing is around 4,300%. Email marketing is a cost-effective, high-end & instant tool for advertising your business and generate business leads.
Email marketing can also be used to build deeper ties with your existing customers. Create a proper communication schedule for your clients to plan out what kind of content you need to send to your customers. This content should address the top issues and near prospects.

Create Your Website

A website allows you to display the necessary information related to your services, your expertise, working team, etc. The website is instrumental in connecting with new clients and strengthening the connection with existing customers.
The homepage of the site should be visually appealing and has the capability to induce immediate connection with trust. You can add success stories or your previous customer’s testimonials to showcase the quality & the efficiency of your services. You can start a ‘Q&A’ section on your website where you can answer fundamental questions asked by customers. You can add a good referral program on your site using which clients will market your business for you withy mutual benefits.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Channels are emerging with great prospects as the useful tools for business marketing. Financial Advisors can leverage the benefits of Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin to attract potential clients and increase brand awareness. You can connect your business with people as social media channels allow you to have a direct conversation and deep interaction efficiently and instantaneously.
On such channels, you can generate content such as white papers, interactive blog posts, videos, case studies, etc. You can provide a daily financial quote as well as arrange a ‘Q&A’ hour on a particular scheduled time. These tactics will help you to divert the readers on social media channels towards your website.


Blogging is much more than just writing posts. It develops your internet presence over the time. You can speak about your business, your opinions on various ongoing issues, the current trends in the financial market, client reviews, and build your brand.
The blog will characterize your business and showcase you as the leading financial advisor with immense knowledge and experience. Your smart and engaging blog posts can give you an upper hand against your direct competitors and maintain your competitive edge.

Ask For Referrals

Nobody can deny the power of ‘word-of-mouth’ in business marketing. With a smart and creative referral program, you can incentivize your existing customers to let their friends, families, colleagues and neighbors know about your expert services. Appreciate such clients with gifts and discount offers. You can give them a complimentary financial review free of cost. You can provide chocolates, champagnes or gift cards from local shops such as spa, gyms, clubs, food chains, etc. Use your website, blog, social media channels to spread the word about your referral program.

The marketing strategy required for a Financial Advisory Services business is solely based on the client’s trustworthiness. Incorporating the ideas mentioned above in your marketing plan will add uniqueness to your brand image and enhance the authenticity of your services. Create a comprehensive marketing plan that minimizes your business lead generation efforts to stand out in the competitive market.

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