Electrician Business Marketing: Competent and Effective Marketing Secrets Revealed.

Electricity is the part of our everyday’s life. From the moment we wake up in the morning to the moment we sleep at night, our lives are dependent on electricity to the great extent! However, people realize the importance of electricity when the power goes out, and life goes to a halt. Solving electrical problems all by themselves is not a cup of tea of every individual. So, a professional service by an expert electrician is a need of the hour.

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Many in the business of electrician services usually do not give justice to the marketing side of their business and eventually lose its core market share to other competitors. For an electrician business company, a well thought marketing strategy is of paramount importance. To stand out against the heavily competitive market, you need to raise awareness among customers about your expert services and lucrative incentives. So, to foster the growth of your electrician service business, go through the following creative ideas.

Target Market

Before venturing into the advertising your business, you should know about the particular type of customers you are going to deal. If you bear the expertise to provide your electrician services to the residential customers, you should aim your marketing plan towards the householders. On the other hand, if you have a big team with a capability of performing and accomplishing big projects, then you can coordinate your business with architects and local general contractors. A thorough understanding of your target market is essential as it helps to grasp the customer’s needs and to determine the direction of your marketing strategy.

Meet and Greet

Being in a small business like electrician business, you have to increase your business reach locally. Meeting & Greeting the potential customers in your contact database will surely pay off with great business leads. Direct meetings show your commitment towards your business and add up to your business connections.
Showcase your electrical wirings plan’s design and modification with standard drawings and draftings. It will add a unique and professional edge to your brand image. You can also reach to your local customers with the following methods,
Flyers: You can send out a good quality of flyers in your area to advertise the list of services your provide and special discount offers. The content in your flyers should be short, precise and straight to the point. It should target what customer wants. You can distribute the flyers to local public places of engagement such as retail shops, community centers, gyms, clubs, etc.
Phone Books: Get enlisted in the online web directories, so when the next time someone is looking for an electrician, your name will pop up in his online searches. For small businesses, yellow pages are still one of the leading business generators.
Classifieds: Advertising in the classified section of the local newspaper can also help you gain new customers. If you are ready to spend more money, you can put your ads in local magazines too.
Professional Attitude: Apart from advertising, your sense of professionalism will also boost the brand awareness and build the integrity. You can use your vehicle for publicity. Print your business logo and contact no. on the company car, electrician’s tools, and material used for marketing.

Professional Networking

A small service like electrician business is closely associated with the other leading businesses like General contractors, architects, and interior designers. Building and maintaining a professional relationship with such businesses in your locality can prove beneficial to gain their ready-made customers. You can be their preferred customers whenever they are in need of an electrician.
You can also enlist your business and become a member of the National Electrical Contractors Association and Independent Electrical Contractors. It will add the credibility and integrity to your electrical service business. You can mention the special events and the exciting happenings in the world of electrical professionals on your social media sites and blog.

SMS Marketing

Though the trend of communications using SMS is has become outdated nowadays, the SMS marketing is still quite popular and kicking. SMS is a cost-efficient and high-end tool which has a significant client reach in a very short span of time. The essential benefit of SMS marketing is that it has a very high open rate compared to the email marketing, where customers read the SMS within 30 seconds after received. Keep your SMS short and to the point and surprisingly, it will boost your business multi-fold instantaneously.

Create A Website

A website has the strength to retain your old customers and attract potential customers quickly. Having a website for a small business like electrician marketing builds credibility and brings a professional character to your business. In the current digitalized world, having an online presence is imperative for your business. Your website should have the following details,
● The range of services you offer
● A proper rate-card
● Your expertise and qualifications
● Photos of your previous work or a diagram of a sample plan
● Your contact details
● The list of offers and incentives
● Customer testimonials

Just creating a website might not be fruitful unless you have invested a decent amount of money for the keyword specific content. Get the services of an expert SEO to write the keyword specific content to make your website rank higher in Google search list.

Maintain A Blog

The blogging helps you to get discovered online. It also contributes to maintaining your online presence on social media. You can also generate more business leads through your blog with your call-to-action blog posts.
You can also introduce your business, services, specialties and lucrative offers to your clients in details. Educating your readers through the blog posts can showcase you as a leading expert on the topic. You can blog about the cool tips such as,
● How to maintain & enhance the life of small electrical appliances.
● The current trends in the electrical services world
● New tools and appliances in the market
● How to save power.

Offer And Incentives

Offering rewarding discounts and incentives to your old as well as new customers prove to be a productive tool in your overall marketing strategy. Invest with decent discounts and incentives to gain a steady future growth. You can combine two or more services & offer discounted packages. Huge discounts for new customers can convert them into the repeat customers. Maintain your old clients with quarterly or yearly


Word-of-Mouth is an excellent brand building tool. A person tends to trust more to a product or service than advertisements. Start loyalty programs for customers who refer your services to others. You can offer discounts or servicing packages per successful referral.

Customer oriented marketing strategy is the need of an hour. Advertising with different channels can help to generate business leads from various customer pools. But just advertising and serving customers is not enough. Give a follow-up call to your clients and fulfill their remaining requirements. Keep the track your sales and effectiveness of the different marketing channels will provide you the profound insights in your marketing plan. Using these ideas, you can focus the most productive strategy for your business.

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