Beauty Salon Marketing: Going Beyond The Basics

Everybody wants to look beautiful and stand out in the crowd. Everybody deserves to be appreciated and admired by people. Beauty just doesn’t add charm to your character, but is rejuvenated your persona to a whole other level. Beautifying a person’s look helps to build confidence and make all the insecurities about one’s image to fall away. But, beauty needs constant care and maintenance, which can be best provided by professionals in the beauty salon.

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Running a beauty salon is a tough business to cater as making profits solely on walk-in appointments is difficult. You need to have a reliable and comprehensive marketing strategy to create a buzz about your business. This approach will help your customers to know about business and recognize your product line. To build this plan, go through these incredible tried and tested marketing ideas.

Collaborate With Other Businesses

Working alone and waiting for the business leads just based on your advertisements is not much fruitful. Rather, join hands with local allies to make the customers knock your door more frequently. Other local businesses in the hospitality industry, like restaurants, gyms, fashion retailers, wedding dress shops, health spas, Massage centers & community centers will play a crucial role in referring your business to their regular clients.
You can also collaborate with related businesses like wedding planners, health spas, etc. With the help of this professional collaboration with companies such as wedding planners, you can share your clients while providing a part of the service offered in the whole wedding package. You can also hold a sidewalk sale or sponsor charity events together to generate a good amount of business leads.

List Your Business In Web Directories

In the era of digitization, having an online presence is the most! List your business on all of the top web directories like Yellow Pages, Bing, Yahoo, etc. Listing your business website on such directories will bring some potential clients towards your salon. It will also help your website to appear higher in the top web search results.
Keep this in mind that Most of your targeted customers are from your local area. You can avail the benefits of tools like Google places to target your local clients. Google Places will enlist your business location on the Google search list with your physical address. So, next time whenever a customer looks for ‘Beauty Salon in XYZ area,’ your business name & location will pop up on the top of the results.
Create An Interactive Website

To help customers to identify your brand and reach out to you, a creative website is a must! Create an interactive website to showcase information about your business.
Your website should be mobile friendly, as a large no. of your clients use cell phones to search beauty salons in their locality.
● Keep the design of the website attractive and user-friendly.
● Make your contact no. Prominent and visible on every page.
● Include the page of price lists for different packages and services.
● Include beautiful images of your previous customers receiving your services.
● Add the profiles of your different stylists, their expertise, and experience.
● Add the other aspects of your business such as free coffee and Wi-Fi in the salon.

Blogging & Newsletters

Beauty is a diverse and vast subject. There are many factors, tips and stories associated with different services that you provide in your Beauty Salon.
● Start a blog and share these tips and stories with your potential clients. For example, you can share advice tips and new trends in hair styling in your blog.
● The blog will help your website to rank higher in Google.
● It will also showcase you as the leading expert on the subject, and it will further impress clients to avail your services. The customer transformation story has the capability to attract a huge number of customers, ready to be on your salon chair.
● You can also start releasing newsletters. It has all the featured promotions, news and all the blog posts from your website.
● Staying regular to your target markets with the informational newsletters will direct new clients to your website or other media accounts.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media can prove an incredibly valuable business tool for your business. Social Media sites will open a vast untapped pool of potential clients.
You can use your Twitter and Facebook accounts to promote services given in your salon.
● You can post the pictures of your previous clients and tag them. By this way, your customers feel appreciated, and your website visibility will increase multifold.
● You can offer discount offers to those customers who are ready to give a review on social media website.
● Throw contests on Instagram to collect contact details of customers and to increase brand awareness. Such a contest or a raffle will help you to engage with your old clients and broaden your reach to new clients.
● Interact with your clients and comment on their posts regularly.

Reap The Benefits Of Word-of-Mouth

Even in the advent of Google and social media channels, the traditional business strategy of Word-of-Mouth is still kicking. People find word of mouth more trustworthy than the chunk of your advertisements. SO, make your satisfied customers to promote your business to their friends, neighbors, and relatives. You can ask yours happy clients for referrals and offer them a special discount for every referral.

Promotion At Public Places

Choose particular days and host open house events for limited customers. You can throw free services for your first few customers to introduce them to your beauty salon services.
You can target local events or art festivals to reach out to the customers face to face and convince them to try your services with on the spot discounts. During such events, you can also distribute your flyers or business cards to get more exposure for your business.

These basic marketing techniques will help you to gather the attention of many people towards your beauty salon. It will also prove beneficial to retain your old customers and to reach out to new customers in your vicinity. So, brace yourself, ready your tools and market your business.

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